St.Claude Autobody's 9th Annual Demolition Derby

Our annual demolition derby was held on June 3rd, 2017 at the beautiful Mile 60 Park in St.Claude Manitoba.  We had a great turnout with drivers & cars and a huge crowd showed up to cheer them on.  Mile 60 Park also hosted a slo-pitch tournament during the day, and the derby was capped off with a great barn party right at the Park.

A huge unexpected surprise was when we had our first ever wedding proposal at our 9th Annual Demolition Derby! 

Jonathan was leaving for an entire year of training to become a Search and Rescue Technician with the Canadian Armed Forces.  Before he left, he was looking for a proposal story that neither one of them would soon forget!
Thank you for your service, we wish you both all the best!

Our first wedding proposal at our 9th Annual Demolition Derby


Big Cars

1st - Rob Sanclemente #DJ4
2nd - Cherise sanclemente #dj27
3rd - Frank Cote #69


Small Cars

1st - Will dudgeon (St.Claude Autobody) #99
2nd - Dean Gagnon #DG13
3rd - Dylan goertzen #djr28


Norm & Monique Bruneau of St. Claude Autobody would like to thank the following people and businesses for their help with the demolition derby:

Track, stands & Pit Area

Mile 60 Park Committee- stands setup
Kevin Cleutinx- Track prep


Hoes N’ More- Skid steer
R-Way Ag- Tractor
RDG Yard Care- Tractor

Registration, Derby day Setup & Driver’s scheduling

April Beaulieu
Bobbie Earle
Krista Sierens

Tractors & Towing

Ron Green -Tractor operator
Scott Mangin- Skid steer operator
Marc Bruneau- Towing
Gilles Rey- towing

Demo car repairs and mods

Jamie McInnis- Roughneck Welding (truck, welder etc.)

Play by play and entertainment

Gilbert Gauthier- Gilbert Gauthier Auctions
Ecole Gilbert Rosset (sound system, music)
Mike Mondry- Sound System Setup & Music
Colby Gauthier- Music
Kaylee Gauthier- Prizes

Spectator & Driver Safety

St. Claude Fire Department

Judges & Tech Inspections

Derek Atkey
Rob Prettie
Chris Laing
Roland Poirier

Advertising, Filming & Website

Tyler Green- Continue Digital

All of these people donated their time and/or equipment to help make this derby possible. We would also like to thank the drivers, the pit crews and the all the people who attended, making this event a success and assuring its return in 2017.